Latest Cormant-CS DCIM Software Release Enhances Workflow to Further Increase Productivity in the Data Center

Cormant-CS’s latest DCIM software release, Cormant-CS 7, significantly enhances Workflow by allowing users to manage projects from any location on almost any device.

Use Workflow from Nearly any Device
Use Workflow from Nearly any Device

San Luis Obispo, Calif., USA – July 31, 2014 – Cormant, Inc., a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) pure-play expert, today unveils enhanced Workflow functionality in its seventh version of the Cormant-CS DCIM software solution. The new release increases process visibility to improve the efficiency of projects. The enhanced Workflow feature provides another flexible, easy-to-use option for maintaining data accuracy by enabling the user to plan work on the web and execute that work on a mobile device.

“There are often simultaneous projects scheduled in a data center. Managers split time between the data center floor and their desks while monitoring the progress of multiple departments and tasks,” says Cormant’s Chief Technology Officer, Paul Friday. “The ability to plan and execute work wherever the manager is located significantly enhances the convenience of the software, but more importantly, reduces the risk of errors while increasing efficiency.”

Benefits of the enhanced Workflow feature for data centers and campuses:

  • Increases Flexibility: Plans and manages entire project lifecycles from anywhere.
  • Increases Accuracy: Updates the DCIM database while making changes at the physical site of the change.
  • Increases Timeliness: Adheres to project timelines by running project progress reports and allows teams to work in parallel.
  • Increases Collaboration: Allows departments, teams and vendors to have increased visibility and enables them to work in parallel.

“The new functionality has already monitored over 30,000 racks and over 300,000 assets for beta customers,” states Cormant CEO, Paul Goodison. “These customers touted the enhancement’s added convenience and efficiency that resulted in more accurate data.”

Cormant-CS 7 was completely re-engineered to improve performance and scalability for customers. It also provides Cormant the agility to quickly add functionality for future releases. Consequently, Cormant-CS 7 delivered hundreds of process improvements, including enriched alert management and deployment planning features, zero-u positioning, rack row elevations and new report permission sets.

All improvements focus on enhancing the user experience and functionality and are currently available in the latest version of Cormant-CS 7.

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